‚Äč Oh Brother Big Sister is an eclectic sensation! This brother and sister duo from Northern Michigan covers the music spectrum with entrancing harmonies and ingenious musical arrangements. With a comfortable, comedic essence that makes you feel like you're with old friends in the comfort of your happy place; the BIG-sister-little-brother duo deliver music that encompasses a wide variety of music genres with an original acoustic sound that makes each performance an experience.

Penny and Radel Rosin hail from a small speck on the mitten where they were raised in a family with deep musical roots which will be obvious in their passion for music and ease in entertaining. If you are searching for a fresh, distinctive sound with an element of surprise- the search is over- Oh Brother Big Sister is pure pleasure.


  • Little Bitty3:22
  • No War4:49
  • Dance Dance Dance1:59
  • Michigan Daydream3:21
  • Summertime (Live)7:09
  • Keeps On Raining3:06
  • Fever (Live)5:05
  • Mind5:00
  • White Rabbit0:00
  • Birds3:41
  • No Diggity (Live)5:52