• Keeps On Raining3:04
  • The Wait4:19
  • Little Bitty3:22
  • Mind4:56
  • Birds3:41
  • Home Away From Home4:10
  • The Funk (Live)7:16
  • Fever (Live)5:05

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"Brilliant", "engaging", "mesmerizing" are just a few words used to describe this Award Winning Brother and Sister duo. Evidence of their impact is supported by over 10,000 active followers on social media. Oh Brother Big Sister covers the music spectrum with entrancing harmonies and ingenious musical arrangements. OBBS performs, to sellout crowds, a wide variety of genres with an acoustic flair that will keep you on your toes. Penny and Radel were born and raised in Michigan by a family with deep musical roots, witnessed by the ease and passion of their on stage performances. Radio stations and venues across the USA are quoted as follows:

“The talented duo of Penny and Radel is incomparable- they have a unique sound and persona that isn't found locally or beyond. They bring a certain stage presence to a room. No matter if it's a wedding for 300 people, a backyard cocktail party, or concert atmosphere, they bring a total package of musicality and craftsmanship.”

-Alicia Caldecott , Owner/Operator, A Day In May Event Planning & Design

"If ever there were a "must see act" in Northern Michigan, it would be Oh Brother Big Sister. The duo is oozing with  flawless harmonies and a unique approach to every note they play. Oh Brother Big Sister is a go to for every date night, girls get together, family affair or solo-bro-on-the-town experience. Plus, they'll make you *almost*  want to call your own sibling. Almost."
-Christal Frost, Host of "The Christal Frost Show", WTCM Radio

“This Music Dou is a pleasure to have brighten any events stage.” 
– Jolene Fowler, The Broken Budda House

"Oh Brother Big Sister is our favorite local band. We frequently plan our family outings and date nights just so we can hear Penny Jean and Radel work their musical magic! Their eerily perfect harmonies, Penny Jean’s powerful voice, and Radel’s mesmerizing musicianship turn familiar and beloved songs into fresh masterpieces, and don’t even get me started on their original songs! #FUNKYOURFOLK"

-Jocelyn Sweetapple-Clarke, Director, Sweetapple Performing Arts Company

The OBBS duo has also perfected the ability to build a song live incorporating the acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, didgeridoo (always a hit), and vocal percussion as well as other vocal techniques that always leaves the audience amazed and wanting more.

If you are searching for fresh distinctive sound with an element of surprise, the search is over.